RLJ Services Inc utilizes the world-renowned New Leader nutrient applicators manufactured by Highway Equipment Co. in Cedar Rapids, IA. Delivery of your product is by means of a 24” wide smooth rubber belt conveyor. This conveyor type enables us to apply as little as 50 pounds per acre or as much as 3 tons per acre evenly. The spreading mechanism is handled by the patented G4 spinning system. Originally developed for the agricultural market, we have adapted it to turf.

Spreading is accomplished by using four heat-treated fins turning at 675 - 900 rpm. A unique material divider and back plate assembly allows us to drive 45 – 50 ft centers. The advantage to you is fewer passes per acre (meaning less interruption of play and minimal soil compaction).

Equal material placement on grades is insured by using a unique center divider plate. Unlike older spreader designs, we are able to maintain control of material even on hillsides. Rate control is handled by the Rawson Mark series valve, the fastest valve in the industry. This hydraulic control is able to go from fully open to fully closed in 0.6 seconds and can respond to vehicle speed changes instantly. Because the ground speed is constantly transmitted by a microwave speed sensor, your exact application rate is insured.

Another industry first we are proud of is our state of the art Global Positioning Guidance System. Utilizing GPS technology we are able to accurately gauge our driving patterns to minimize overlaps and virtually eliminate skips.

Furthermore, we resume an application days later and never guess at coverage; this is impossible with out-dated foam marking systems.

The bottom line is we have made a substantial investment in equipment, technology, and staff to provide you with the fastest and most accurate application available. Give our service a try and see the difference.



















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